My passion for all things digital kicked off at an early age when my mum brought home a Microbee Computer-In-A-Book. This 8-bit, monochrome machine introduced me to logic and number games as well as typing. A few years later we upgraded to a Commodore 64 and the world of text adventures, BASIC programming and Street Rod! I would say I was a digital native before the term existed.

Fast-forward to 1994, and at the age of 14, I discovered the internet, and a couple of years later, HTML. I convinced my mum to pay over $100 for an encyclopedic guide to HTML 3.2, which I read from cover to cover. I taught myself everything I could about HTML, CSS and web design. In 1996 I was a finalist in the Telstra Australian Web Awards. I didn’t win but it sparked an interest in pursuing a career in web development.

In 1999 I started my first job as an HTML Craftsperson with a leading digital agency. I have since worked as a freelance web developer, run my own agency and now, over 20 years later, work as a Digital Consultant.

I still enjoy coding, but my current focus is user experience (UX) and digital strategy.

In 2021 I joined the Women in Technology WA (WiTWA) Communications sub-committee to provide website support to the organisation.

When not at work, I enjoy hiking, tending to my fledgling vegetable patch, supporting women’s cricket, playing video games and watching great British TV.